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ODBC (Open Knowledge Foundation Connectivity) can be a operate library which provides a common API (Software Programming Interface) for ODBC compliant databases https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=Acheter des Followers Instagram management techniques.

ODBC was formulated via Acheter des Vues Instagram the SQL Access Team in 1992.

ODBC operates as an industry-normal “shim” amongst apps which employ databases and the databases them selves.

If an application is developed applying ODBC, the application can store knowledge in almost any database administration procedure which is equipped with an ODBC driver.

ODBC motorists tend to be created in sub-factors:

An ODBC Driver Manager

ODBC Motorists

The application submits ODBC calls into the ODBC driver manager.


The ODBC driver supervisor selects the appropriate ODBC driver, loads that driver, and sends examine or produce requests working with that driver.

The ODBC driver processes the ODBC operate phone calls, submits the SQL requests towards the databases, and returns the outcome to the appliance.